What get’s you going in the morning?

This morning I was up at a little after 6am and got myself ready to go out running. When I got downstairs and looked out of the front window the ground was thick with frost, I knew this before I got downstairs but this was proof. So I put on my gloves, thermal jacket and woolly hat and went out running for half hour. It was cold, not arctic cold but it was -2c outside and it was starting to freeze my gloves by the end of the run but it really felt great. So what actually possessed me to get up so early and run in sub-zero temperatures. It was motivation, motivation towards a particular goal which in this case is to complete the First day to 5K plan from podrunner. However, this is not all of it as this alone will not make me get up that early in the morning as I am not pre-disposed to getting up so early. In my case I opted for a hypnosis session which helped with this and really kick started my routine.

I have always been envious of all those folks out there that just seem to be able to do things naturally, seemingly without having to work hard, those people that always seem to be naturally slim or athletic. I realised in time that it may not be the case that this happens naturally and in actual fact this may even be something that they have to work hard at. This was some kind epiphany for me as it made me feel like I was not woefully inadequate and that it was something I really could achieve. So why this blog post? I guess it is really just to say that what I am doing is hard, it’s hard to get up early every morning and go running/cycling in the cold when I could be tucked up in bed but it is possible. So whatever it is that you want to achieve just set your mind to it, make a plan and follow it. Don’t ever worry about finishing, it is getting started that is most important.

Let me know your stories or experiences

– Rob

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Why I go to conferences

Vlad Mazek from OwnWebNowI have just got back from the TCA and CompTIA EMEA 2010 conference in London. Most folks think that these types of events are a ‘jolly’ away from the office and it really isn’t work, I can tell you that if you believe that you couldn’t be more wrong. These events are a fantastic opportunity to meet with some of the vendors out there and see what they are currently promoting which is generally a case of ‘whats hot’, it is also an opportunity to engage these guys on a 1-2-1 basis which is not always possible for smaller resellers. The vendors, for a lot of resellers, are the life blood of their business as their products can make or break our business on the grounds of how their products perform.

You also have a wealth of sessions which allow you to see some of the best people in the industry tell you how things are shaping up for the future. The main theme for the entire conference was ‘the Cloud’ and how this was going to influence clients buying habits and requirements moving into the future. But the discussions were also about the challenges that Susanne Dansey from Purple Cow Ideas Managementthis would bring moving into the future along with the objections that may happen along the way. There was some great sessions from industry leaders such as Dave Sobel from Evolve Technologies and Susanne Dansey from Purple Cow Ideas Management both of which shared some great insights into our futures and what can be done to influence things.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to join in a panel discussion which involved both vendors and resellers about how the landscape for the resellers look moving in to the future and how that can be improved and enriched through deeper relationships with vendors and other IT partners. I explained how I believe that the future of the IT reseller laid in the ability to provide specialised skills but as smaller IT shops this is not possible as it will narrow the market. In order to do this they need to work in partnerships in ‘coopitition’ so that specialist skills can be brought into your business without narrowing down the scope of your business.

All of this represents a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time working on your business and now working in your business…sound strange let me explain. When you are doing the work of you business, i.e. fixing networks etc, you are working in your business. When you are learning new things about what is coming and ways to develop that business you are working on you business and that is so important.Vlad Mazek, Susanne Dansey and Richard Tubb showing sophistication

For me though the true value comes from the networking that you do outside of these organised sessions, what is traditionally known as the ‘p*** ups’. Let’s be honest that is what they are but they are also *much* more than this. These session represent the opportunity to really get to know that people beyond what they preach and this is where real relationships start to take shape and where some of the best discussions will take place. During the organised sessions you are likely to be taking notes and the breaks between sessions are very hurried coffee breaks which make it hard to enter any in-depth discussions. However, once the time restraints are removed you can relax and really speak with people and one of the best discussions I had was with Vaughan Shayler from Accredit UK which was only brought to an end when the cleaners threw us out. This in turn will lead on to more conversations in the future which will benefit us both.

I would like to say thank you to Adam Harris from the TCA, Matthew Poyiadgi from CompTIA, William Linard again from CompTIA and all of the other people involved in organising this fantastic event which brought together so many great people from across the globe. I’d also like to make a special thanks to Vlad Mazek from OwnWebNow who, not only supplies us with some fantastic services, he also shouted a group of us for dinner on Wednesday night..thanks Vlad!

So if you are considering going to industry conferences, regardless of what industry you are in, I would strongly encourage you to do so as there is tremendous value in doing so.

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Warning: Scam alert

I had a phone call earlier this evening from my sister in law who’d had a rather strange phone call and wanted to check with me. They had received a phone call from someone with an indian accent who claimed to be from ‘windows’. They told her that she had corrupt files on her laptop and they needed to be fixed immediately. She told them that she was going out and hadn’t got time to look at it but the person on the phone became quite insistent that she should boot up her laptop NOW.

She told them again she had not got time now so the person reluctantly left their name, Steve Williams from Win PC Technologies, along with a phone number of 0141 4163986.

As soon as she asked me about it a quick google search on the phone number revealed a number of people who had received similar calls from this ‘company’, many of whom had been charged a great deal of money to sort out so called ‘problems’. One person on there claimed to have worked for this company and they had the following to say about them:


So please be warned that if someone calls from this company claiming you have corruptions on your computer, there is no way that they can know this without having looked at your computer first. You should also never let anyone take control of your computer unless you absolutely know who they are first.

You should always check the credentials of any IT supplier and look for one that is affiliated with an industry body such as CompTIA or TCA. No matter how pushy they are, do not be taken in.

– Rob

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Beware of the hoax

I have just had from a client what appears to be the latest scare, which will inevitably result in some kind of infection. This is how it looks, which by the way appears very genuine.

From: Abuse Department []

Sent: 24 September 2010 14:32



From: <>

Date: Fri, Sept 24, 2010 at 12:44 PM

Investigation Number: 1171


For The Attention Of: The Bill payer/Owner of this ISP account.

Our investigations have determined that your Internet Services account has been used to scan, flood or attempt to gain unauthorized access to another computer, (please see the details of the incident(s) attached to this e-mail). This activity is a violation of our Internet Services Acceptable Use Policy and the our Internet Services Account Agreement, under which you have been provided service.

THIS NOTICE IS TO ADVISE YOU THAT FURTHER ABUSE OF YOUR INTERNET SERVICES ACCOUNT MAY RESULT IN A SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT, WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE TO YOU. We are empowered to take such action if, in our sole determination, you have violated the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy or our Internet Services Account Agreement.

The alleged incident originated from the local IP address of which, at the time of the incident, was assigned to a device with the unique physical address of 00:13:10:24:45:F8. This address identifies the network adapter or router connected to your ADSL/Broadband modem.

If you are unaware of this type of activity coming from your account, you may wish to inquire with others who may have access to your account and/or change the password to your account to ensure that only authorized users have access to it. IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE THAT YOUR COMPUTER MAY BE INFECTED WITH A VIRUS OR YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM MAY HAVE SOME OTHER SECURITY PROBLEM SUCH AS AN UNSECURED MAIL OR PROXY SERVER WHICH COULD ACCOUNT FOR THIS ACTIVITY ORIGINATING FROM YOUR SYSTEM.

In the event you are not able to attend to the situation immediately, please disconnect your computer from the ADSL modem to prevent further abuse.

A full description of the incident including realtime IP addresses and web traffic can be found in the attachment.

Any questions of help can be obtained from out staff during office hours 0900-1700 Monday to Friday.

Our complete contact information can also be found in the PDF report.

Kind Regards

The Abuse Team

Attached to the email is a so called ‘report’ which is a ‘RAR’ file. Inside of the ‘RAR’ file is another file which is named ‘Incident-Report-201009241171.pdf.exe’. So far it all looks like an elaborate hoax as the network the client is on is not on the range mentioned in the email and since when is a report sent as an executable file?

Any which way I will be putting it through the lab machine later to see what comes out, either way it will be interesting.

If you do hear of anyone receiving this tell them not to open it.

– Rob

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Microsoft Security Essential free to SMB’s

Yesterday Microsoft announced that as from early October (no actual date as yet) it will be making Microsoft Security Essentials available for small businesses with up to 10 PC’s FREE OF CHARGE. If you are not already aware of it I would highly recommend taking a look this move signifies a shift in the way that software is delivered to the SMB space. Microsoft have always supplied Security Essentials to home users free of charge but the SMB space has always been covered by Microsoft Forefront Security as part of their Business Ready Security Suite.

So what’s the difference? The core difference between the two products is that Microsoft Forefront Security is a centrally managed product which had updates and definitions distributed from a central source which is traditionally the office server. In contrast Microsoft Security Essentials is ideally suited to Small businesses that may not have a server in place, for example when they are using cloud services, or that do not require central management. Either way it is a compelling and interesting move by Microsoft in to a market space which they currently do not have a significant market share in.

Either way this is great news for Small Businesses everywhere!

– Rob

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Virtually the weekend

Today is shaping up to be a good end to a good week, not great but then not bad either. It has been a week of working with clients and working on my own business, which has been nice for a change. This afternoon find me setting up virtualization for a client, not just for the sake of it either. When I first started working with this client both of their servers were almost 5 years old, which as we all know starts to become ‘shaky ground’. The first plan was to replace these and after almost a year we had the budget and both servers had new hardware ordered.

When they arrived the first to be commissioned was the file & print server as this was a straight forward migration to Windows 2008 from Windows 2003. This went fairly smooth, and apart from printers, it didn’t really cause us any hassle. The other server run’s the clients line of business (LOB) application which was not compatible with Windows 2008, but as the client planned to upgrade we went ahead and ordered the new server anyway. Various meetings took place with the LOB support company and the client did not progress this despite making it clear that we *really* needed to do this as by now the hardware it was on was almost 7 years old. Before we completed this the business was sold, and while our services have been retained, this LOB application is still on the old server.

Now it was time to push, so I explained that we had to move this project forward and given that the LOB upgrade was not on the short term plan the best route was to virtualize the current server onto the new one using Hyper-V so that it is then on new hardware.

So this is where I find myself now and we are moving along great. The whole process has been made simple with the use of Paragon Drive Backup Server Edition, which the client already had, as it has a P2V Copy tool. Without this it would not have been so straight forward. So I will continue to ‘sup’ tea and eat my biscuits while we continue.

– Rob

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Jack of all trades


Over this last week I have been speaking a lot with a good friend of mine. He is currently setting up the UK office for a German company who provide encryption solutions for businesses. Now, he has come from an ’employed’ background which means that there has always been a ‘man’ for every job that needs to be done in the business. There’s a marketing team full of creative luvvies just waiting to come up with some great one-liners and hair brain adverts just like the Cadbury’s one’s. There has been a group of techies huddled up in a dark corner just waiting for a new problem so they can get their ‘geek on’. Then there’s the small group of people in the accounts office that love ‘figures’ in the way that only an accountant can and chase payments like a dog chases a bone.  Of course there has been the MD sitting in his large office, lording it up over the business making sure that everyone is working hard. Somewhere in the midst of all this typical business has sat my friend, performing his duties with all the diligence of a man that has true passion for his job and the people he serves.

Now, due to a twist of fate, he has found himself in the role that many small business owners find themselves. Where this army of people that do every part of the business only exists within your mind, in what can only be likened to “Dissociative identity disorder“. It got me thinking about how each day small business owners go to work and assume more roles in one day than most actors undertake in a lifetime and still they continue to project an image of sanity, integrity and professionalism within that. Then as the business starts to grow they start to pass some of those personalities on to the subordinate that are brought on-board, again in the hope that they can off-load another one soon. So the enterprising people of the world continue.

Now I am sure that all of this probably sounds quite depressing but it shouldn’t. It is a stark image of how amazing small business owners and entrepreneurs are and continue to be as each day passes. For this I salute all Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs out there and long may enterprise continue.

For my part, I will continue to help my friend through his period of having a split-personality and pass on the lessons I have learned, especially the one’s I learnt that hard way!

If you have any great stories about life as a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur then please leave them in the comments below.

– Rob

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Lessons learned

As I sat on the grass verge at the side of the A46 at the edge of Newark on Trent I thought of the last 12 hours and how it had ended in defeat for me. For those that know me I don’t take defeat well especially when I have so much passion for what I am doing. That said, sometimes the simplest decisions are the hardest.


At 6.09am on 11th July I set out on my challenge to ride from here in Ilkeston to Skegness and back in 1 day with only myself for company. I left Ilkeston very quietly and began what was to be one if the hardest days of my life. As I started out it felt good, and I mean really good as the pedals spun easily and the pace was quick. Over the last few months I had been training hard to get to where I was by going out most mornings and getting in around 20 miles, then at weekends I did 40 miles. However, the most I had done was last week when I undertook a 90 mile tour of Derbyshire. This was a reality check for me as it really took it out of me and made me aware of how much food and drink I would need to get this done.

After less than an hour I had passed by Nottingham and was well underway averaging around 17mph along the way. This, in itself, was a great pace and well over the expected 15mph I had planned on. Before I knew it I was passing by Bingham and well on my way to Newark. Despite the solitude of this challenge I was still feeling good as I new folks were following the updates via twitter but while the pedals kept spinning so easy the moral was high. After just 2 hours on the road I had passed Newark which meant I was well over 35 miles into my challenge with a total of 179 miles. This meant that I was well over a third of my way towards Skegness. After Newark it got a little more complicated as it meant negotiating some of the back roads and I wasn’t familiar with which meant more frequent stops to check the map.

Throughout the journey I had been eating regular and stocking up on energy bars, gel packs both of which taste quite nasty and for the life of me I could not comprehend anyone eating these under any other circumstances. At the 50 mile mark I decided to take a well earned rest of around 15 minutes while I ate some more and restocked the water bottles with the extra water I had in the rucksack. One of the things you don’t realise is that you really have to make sure you eat and drink LOTS when running any kind of distance on a bike. On average you will consume over 800 calories per hour and need to replace fluid at around 750ml per hour, this is not an easy thing to do.

Steaming ahead

As I carried on, I was still steaming ahead regularly thundering along at over 20mph which was awesome. At the time I put this down to the fact that the land was flat and I had spent the last few days stocking up on food by eating plenty, as well as continuing to stay fueled up on route. By 10.45am I saw a sign that read 17 mile to Skegness and I was truly amazed by the great time I had made, this mphotoeant that in 4hrs and 45 mins I had covered 71 miles which was far better than I had ever dreamed. I finally arrived at a rather busy and very hot Skegness at 12.02pm which meant that I had made it in just under 6 hrs, in actual riding time I had done it in 5hrs 6 minutes at an average of around 17.3mph.

There was no 2 ways about it I knew I had travelled 88 miles but I still felt good. However, in all my preparation with regard to food, drink, bike setup, money etc I had forgotten sunscreen.

While I admit, not the best looking legs around, they are bloody burnt to a crisp and today the sun burn hurts far more than the aching from all that cycling. Enough about that on with the story.


After less than 45 minutes of rest and stuffing my face with lots of sandwiches that i brought with me along with more energy bars and drinks it was time to go again. As soon as I started the journey back I realised what had happened on the way there. Without knowing it, I had been pushed along by a tail wind, when I say a tail wind I mean a 12+mph tail wind which had made it so much easier getting there. However, coming back this friendly tail wind became a vicious head wind which was hell bent on sapping every ounce of energy from my body. That combined with the less than aero dynamic rucksack, severe back ache and a very sore butt it was going to make it hard going.

Tough going

After a total of 120 miles I stopped again to buy more water as I knew I would not be seeing anything for the next 20+miles and I needed to make sure that I had enough fluid. At this point the average speed had dropped from 17.3mph down to a mere 15.7mph, for the most part I was only able to get up to 10-11mph which compared to the journey up was not so good. From this point on things started to get much more difficult as I found it hard to focus and concentrate on what I was doing. Throughout the journey out I had carefully tracked my fluid intake to make sure I was drinking regularly every 10-15 minutes. Now I was unable to remember when I last drank any fluid and it became more guess work than anything else which was not good as the temperature was around 26c out, though with the wind it didn’t feel that hot.

It was shortly after this that I took a wrong turning which was to cost me over 5 miles of extra travelling and had it not been for my iPhone and Google Maps I would have continued on the wrong route. Before too much longer I was crossing the A15 and back toward Leadenham but I was really hurting now. I was having to stop every 45 minutes to give my bum and back a break as it was really starting to hurt now and I was having to stand on the bike and stretch every 5-10 minutes. I continued on through Leadenham and on toward the A17 heading back into Newark but turning the pedals now felt like running through treacle only it hurt more. Once on the A17 again I had to stop just 20 minutes after my last stop. The pain in my back was immense and mentally I was broken but I continued on despite the heavy traffic on the A17 on account of the Americana that was taking place. After a gruelling 7 miles more I came in towards Newark and I could take no more, I was broken and could not take any more. I sat at the side of the road trying to find some way to continue on the final 35 miles back to Ilkeston but it was 6pm, I was hurting, I was mentally beaten. No matter how I tried to break it down to smaller milestones they just looked to far to travel.


I then called Julie to tell her that I could not continue on followed by a call to my Dad to ask for a ride home. So there I was sat at the side of the A46 waiting to be collected feeling thoroughly defeated and while completing 145 miles solo on a bike was no small feat it was not what I set out to do, and I cried. We’ve all seen programmes where people cross the finish line a cry through all the pent up emotion and personally I used to think ‘what a load of b******s’ thinking that people just don’t do that, but that was exactly how I felt. The whole thing was just so enormous.

What did we learn?

So what did I learn from all of this? First and foremost never underestimate the challenge that you have ahead of you. Preparation is absolutely everything in these situations, a lesson which can carry you through into your professional life and one that I have learned the hard way. In retrospect I should have done more training of longer routes to ensure that I would be better prepared for the distance. Secondly, never underestimate the motivation that you get from working with others. This can be especially helpful when you are finding it the most difficult to push on.


I am still gutted that I did not complete the challenge especially as I was doing this for a very worthy charity. Some of the people I have spoken to have said that they will still donate the money as what was achieved was no small effort and for that I truly am thankful.

Would I do this again? Yes I definitely will, in fact I have already decided I want to go next spring. If anyone is interested in joining me next year then please let me know.

What would I do differently? I would get 1 or more people to come along on the challenge to help keep things motivated. Also, arrange for a “support vehicle” to accompany us on the trip to carry food and water for us. Carrying an extra 3-4kg on my back really did not help things.

Has this dose of reality changed my plans of doing end-to-end? I still want to go from John o Groats to Lands End in 5 days. What this challenge has taught me is that I will need to prepare much more for this challenge but it will be possible. I will also be looking for other people who are crazy enough to try this.

On a last note I would like to say a HUGE thank you for all of the support from everyone both in person and via Twitter. A thank you as always for my Dad coming out to collect me despite him having to miss the World Cup Final. Finally a last, but largest thank you of all for Me-Julie for all of her support before, during and after the challenge. I didn’t take defeat too well, Julie has been a massive support for me and has helped me no end. So thank you to everyone.

– Rob

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Your help please…

 At the start of this year I decided, in a moment of insanity, that I would set myself a challenge to cycle from home here in Ilkeston to Skegness on the East coast of England and then back again in 1 day. All in this is around 185 miles of cycling which will be between 12-14hours. There was two reasons for this; first was because it was a personal challenge. The second reason was to raise money for a charity which was close to our heart. As some of you will know, our son had certain medical challenges which ended up with him spending the first 3 years of his life in hospital. During this time we got a great deal of support from the hospital team as well as from charities that support people like ‘us’. So it was time to give something back.

So here we are and on Sunday 11th July 2010 I will be making this epic journey and I still looking for sponsors for this moment of madness. Please take a moment to read a little about this below:

To whom it may concern,
Almost 4 years ago my son, Daniel, was born with a defect in his diaphragm which meant that his vital organs were in his chest crushing his heart and lungs. Thanks to pioneering surgery which was performed in London his chances were increased from 10% chance of survival to almost 50%. While these were still tough odd’s in a few short days he will be celebrating his 4th birthday thanks to the hard work of medical professionals. For the first 2 ½ years of his life he was in hospital spending time on a ventilator which allowed him to grow strong. Now that he is home safe and growing stronger and we wanted to do something to help a charity which helps families of children like Daniel, this is Breathe On UK.
I have decided to do a sponsored bike ride from Ilkeston to Ilkeston via Skegness in 1 day, around 185 miles.

I am asking you today if you can spare some money for a very worthy charity who support families when they need it most and who don’t attract the publicity that some of the larger originations do, any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Why choose Breathe On UK?

Breathe On UK is a national charity dedicated to supporting the families and carers of young people who are life-dependent on mechanical breathing, or long term ventilation (LTV). Such a situation is recognised as being extremely traumatic and emotionally, physically, and financially demanding: often leading to both nervous breakdown and partnership failure.
Recent research and medical estimates indicate that more than 1,000 children in the UK exist with this condition and that the number is increasing by some 15 per cent annually. To date Breathe On UK has:
* Established a respite agreement in collaboration with the Association of Children’s Hospices
* Been responsible for a bespoke oxygen delivery mask in conjunction with Respironics (Philips UK) which is now available off the shelf
* Worked together with Contact A Family – Legislation has now been passed to enable The Blue Badge to be given to families of LTV & Technology dependent young children under the age of two years.
* Provided Family liaison support in the South West Helped to re-create the statistics on families and children using tracheotomies

Many thanks

Rob Franklin

At this moment in time I have managed to secure £250 in sponsorship, most notable CompTIA as well as other individuals, and I would love to secure more than this for a very worthy charity. If you can afford to sponsor my pain on this event then I would really appreciate it as it will make the suffering all the more worthwhile 🙂 You can contact me by emailing

Thank for all the support

– Rob


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Beware “Rose Coloured Glasses”

I truly believe that we are all guilty of seeing with “Rose Coloured Glasses”. For those very few who are not familiar with the phrase, it revolves around the concept of only seeing what you want to see and not the reality.

Just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is

There are a number of things that we see each day that look really easy. Those who know me will know that I am a real cycling fan and while I don’t have as much time to dedicate to it I do really love it. Like many others I watch the Tour De France each year and I watch with captive eyes as the professionals hurtle down the road at silly speeds and tear up the mountains with such ease. As a result of this I decided that this year I would make the trip to Skegness and back in 1 day which is around 185 miles. While this is to be that longest single journey on a bike in one day ever for me it seemed perfectly achievable, after all the Tour De France riders do over 100 miles each day racing. So I set about getting sponsorship and planning the date, which incidently is 11th July 2010, and a route. As part of my training I have been out most mornings doing from 18-40 miles each time which has not been too hard.

Reality really sucks ass

So I decided that I needed to do a major distance before Sunday’s challenge to make sure I was up to the job. So I called my good friend Richard Tubb at to ask if they would pick up any slack with regard to support for me while I went out on a weekday and of course Richard and the guy agreed, thanks guys I owe you.  So at 6.00am this morning I started out on my journey of 90 miles which would take it me through Ilkeston, Ripley, Ambergate, Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton, Leek, Ashbourne, Belper, Ambergate, Ripley and back to Ilkeston. Having checked out the route using to see what kind of hills I had to look forward to. Being a little niave I looked at the route elevation and thought that a climb of around 1600ft was no big deal, oh boy was I wrong. By the time I got to Buxton I was hurting but at that point I had not reached the biggest climb. Needless to say by the time I reached Leek I was really hurting and at times I wondered why the hell I continued, but I pushed on. The suffering continued on and by the time I got to the 75 mile mark in Belper I had contemplated on more than 1 occasion about calling someone to come and collect me but still did not. The last 15 miles really hurt and by the time I got home my knee was really hurting as was the rest of me but I had done it.

Lessons learned….

So what did I take away from all of this. First and foremost I am wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew with Sunday’s challenge, none the less I will still go and give it my very best shot. Second is that just because the professionals make it look easy does not mean that it is. The fact is these guys train for hours and hours each and every day which in turn will make it look easy. In the case of cycling, these guys cycle up to and beyond 100 miles each day just training both on flat land and up BIG hills so it’s gonna look easy, duh why didn’t I get this before? This is also the case with football, especially in light of the world cup. Ok so England played crap, theres no 2 ways about it the performance was terrible. However, I have heard lots of people criticise other teams and even seen on James Corden’s World Cup Live show that a goal was so easy ‘his mum could do it’. Then just to prove the point his mum did come on the show and make the play and score, fantastic entertainment but just not a true reflection. The fact is that in the heat of the moment, when the action is a split second decision it is really tough to make the right choice and the right play. Lastly, be more objective when looking at things and try not to make assumptions about how easy something is just by how easy it looks.

Anyway, enough about my thoughts. For those of you interested, here are some stats from todays ride:

  • 5,255 Calories burned
  • 6hrs 40minutes riding
  • Average speed 13.2mph
  • Average heart rate 150bpm
  • Max speed 46.8mph
  • Largest hill 1,657 ft
  • Total climbing 3,953 ft


 - Rob

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