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Trend WFBS Server filling hard disk

This morning I was looking into a low disk space condition on a clients server. Of a 400GB partition there was only 68GB left, now in an era of high disk usage this may not seem to abnormal but for … Continue reading

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Beware “Rose Coloured Glasses”

I truly believe that we are all guilty of seeing with “Rose Coloured Glasses”. For those very few who are not familiar with the phrase, it revolves around the concept of only seeing what you want to see and not … Continue reading

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S**t happens!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break and Santa brought you lots of lovely things, this post was originally due to be put up last week but unfortunately the time just didn’t appear ! I was speaking with … Continue reading

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Reminder: General Availability for Windows 7 Beta Ending This Week

This is a repost from the Windows Blog here: I wanted to quickly remind everyone that this week general availability for the Windows 7 Beta will be ending: February 10th: Starting at 12am Pacific Time, no new downloads will be … Continue reading

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Some things are just wrong

I have to say that although I work in Nottingham I grew up in Derby and while I always used to get stick for it I was pretty proud of Derby, warts and everything, so to speak.  Though today after … Continue reading

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