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November 17, 2017 / / IT Support

We had a client yesterday who still uses dot matrix printers for delivery notes, invoices etc. Anyway, they were not able to print to any of the Epson LQ590 printers. The job would be sent to the printer but it wouldn’t do anything at all, not even the famous “head shift”. This oddly coincided with a power failure the previous night which ended up with them switching to generator. As they are not a large business, the usual filters for switching to generator didn’t exist so it seemed that the issue could have been caused by a spike when the generator was switched on. Read the Post Epson printer issues after windows update

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Following on from the recent security theme I would like to carry this on a little further and discuss an aspect of security in business that may not always be so obvious to everyone.  Most individuals will be aware of the threat that the Internet poses to business as well as the threat that is posed by wireless networks.  However what are great deal of businesses do not understand is that the greatest threat is not always what lies without but in fact it is what lies within.  It is a known fact that a number of employee’s that leave businesses go on to work for other companies but a number of these individuals go on to start their own business.  Either way these, soon to be former, employee’s have access to key information about you business and more importantly your clients.  In the past it has been difficult for this information to be transported out of the business without being easily spotted however with the rise in USB storage devices transport of this data has become much simpler and moreover much more discreet.  So what can you do to stop this, the simplest way is to block USB storage devices and CD/DVD writers to all but the most trusted users.  In order to achieve this you could buy some software to handle endpoint security such as GFI EndPoint Security but for up to 25 computers this costs in excess of £400 which is beyond the reach of most small businesses.  So what can small businesses do to protect themselves; well the answer is through a group policy on the server restrictions can be placed on users or groups of users and I will explain how.

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