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New year, new start

For those who have followed this blog in the past you will know and see that I have been very quite since summer.  The reasons for this are many but most of them are due to personal circumstances which have … Continue reading

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Rough rides

As I said yesterday we recently came back from France and the crossing there was a little rough.  The first taste of this was when we arrived only to be told that the ferry had been delayed by 2 hours … Continue reading

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Silence is golden…

As you will see things have been extreemly quiet of late.  Due to some personal stuff that was happening throughout May/June I had to focus my attention elsewhere for a while, then of course we have had the kids summer … Continue reading

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Light relief

As anyone in IT will tell you most of your time is spent in front of a computer and if you work in support then a whole heap of that is spent watching progress bars descend into the abyss of … Continue reading

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