Epson printer issues after windows update

We had a client yesterday who still uses dot matrix printers for delivery notes, invoices etc. Anyway, they were not able to print to any of the Epson LQ590 printers. The job would be sent to the printer but it wouldn’t do anything at all, not even the famous “head shift”. This oddly coincided with a power failure the previous night which ended up with them switching to generator. As they are not a large business, the usual filters for switching to generator didn’t exist so it seemed that the issue could have been caused by a spike when the generator was switched on.

A quick visit to site revealed this not to be the case as connecting my Windows 10 laptop directly via USB and sending a test print worked fine. So this had to be a software issue but since nothing had changed on the PC’s, all of which were Windows 7 Pro, it had to be a Windows update that had caused it.

Some digging through the PC’s revealed that the update was there was two updates which had been applied to all PC’s this week; KB4048957 and KB2952664. After uninstalling both and restarting, the printer started working as expected. Installed one of the updates manually, KB2952664, and following a restart the printer still worked. So the next step was to install KB4048957, restarted and now the printer no longer printed.

So, removed KB4048957, restarted and everything was working again. Having done a little digging I found that this seems to be isolated to Epson dot matrix printers, specifically LX300 and LQ590, but this could be due to the fact they are the main one’s still used. The net result of all this being that KB4048957 has not been blocked from installing until such time as MS can release an update that doesn’t break Epson dot matrix printers.

Hope this helps!

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