The beauty of doing nothing


When I think back to being a kid it was really easy to sit around and do nothing; not a care in the world, in fact I’d never even heard the word “stress”. I can remember days, back when I was at college, when I would spend a free afternoon down at the local country park just chilling out, staring off across the lake. Then back to when I was a young kid and I would lie out on the grass with friend just starting off at clouds taking the shit that kids do.

Now, it seems, that I am completely incapable of doing this. When I sit down to do nothing my mind will race with a thousand thoughts of things that I haven’t done or things I should be doing rather than sitting around. I often wonder what brought me to this stage, a stage where I can’t even just relax and watch the clouds float by without thinking of all the things I should be doing.

Could this change have been brought about by running a business, I mean it’s common knowledge that business owners are always working….. but are they? Is it the case that they are always working because they need to be or is it impact a preconceived idea that they should be so they endlessly busy themselves doing stuff that is actually a waste of time?

Sorry, I seem to have digressed from the original topic. Or could it be that the advances in technology, always being available to everything and everyone, has actually brought a change. That change manifests itself in complex levels of guilt, need and even boredom at having nothing to do! That not being needed by someone or something means that we are doing something wrong, we are somehow not fulfilling our potential!

If I’m honest I have no idea which it is but it does bother me. One of the greatest gifts that mankind has is free will; the power to choose what one does on a day to day basis, the power to choose his or her own destiny. So to not be able to switch off from everything and enjoy the moment, whether that be watching clouds or just sitting, is truly a tragedy.

For my part I, am making a conscious effort from this point for to find some way to switch off, to enjoy those moments before they’re gone for good.


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