Living for the weekend


One of the things that we like to do at work with our clients is to have periodic business reviews. For some clients this is quarterly while for others it is done every 6 months. The idea behind this is to discuss how their business is progressing and what future plans are on the horizon. By taking this time we are able to ensure that the business needs are met by the technology infrastructure that we provide and maintain. The other reason for this is to simply “shoot the breeze” with the client; this is where we talk about almost anything that the flow takes.

In one such recent meeting we got on to the subject of Easter and the 4 day weekend that many businesses have in place. The discussion centred around whether such a long weekend was needed for an event that many do not celebrate in the true context. My argument around this continuing was centred on the fact that many people work longer and harder than ever. The expectation from many businesses for employees to be available even when not at work is higher than ever before with people replying to emails late into the night. This doesn’t mean that business owners are the devil incarnate but that demands that are placed on businesses and their employees just happen that way.

For many employees it is simply not possible for them to be disconnected from their job both digitally and emotionally as the two are now so intertwined that there is no discernable difference between the two. As a business owner of almost 12 years now this has been the case for me for so long that I really struggle to know what to do with myself when not working, sad I know but once the kids are in bed then I’m at a loss. As a business owner that comes with the territory but as employees you should be able to switch off and go home.

Controversial I am sure but I truly believe that as an employee you should be allowed to go home at the end of the day and only worry about work as an exceptional condition rather than being an everyday occurrence. I actively explain to our team that I don’t want them working at home unless it is run by me first, not because of overtime but I need them to switch off so they are sharper the next day. Tired employees are not good employees.

So back to the discussion with the client, my argument was that many employees long for Bank Holiday weekends as it means that their clients are not working so they can relax and a long weekend is often long overdue. So while it’s not a celebration of the religious event of Easter it is none the less needed. On that basis the client had to agree and while that isn’t why the event was created it has become important to many so they can have a break.

By all means, feel free to leave your thoughts as I would be interested to hear what others thing about it.

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