Little big planet

There’s a old saying that says “it’s a small world” and it really is. The saying relates in reality to the 7 degrees of separation theory which states that you are only ever 7 connections from anyone on the planet. For example, if I wanted to speak to Bill Gates then there are only seven connections (people) that I would need to make in order to get to speak with him.

That said, it also relates to our own little worlds. For those that don’t know me or haven’t followed this blog much then I have a son who was born with medical complications that meant that he wasn’t actually discharged from hospital, from birth, until he was almost 3 years old. Prior to him being born I had come out of a business partnership that hadn’t worked out and started all over again. As you can imagine this meant that there was tremendous pressure placed on me and our family. I had to be there for Julie and for Daniel but also to be out there building a business so we could sustain a level of income to keep a roof over our heads.

Throughout this long period so many people would say “I don’t know how you cope”, or “I couldn’t do what you guys are doing”. But the reality is that you do what you have to because it is required of you, and that really is it. It is amazing what the human spirit can accomplish when it’s back is against the wall. On the other hand you would hear about folks who felt their whole world was falling apart because they were having a bad day, they stubbed their toe and missed the train which meant they were late for a meeting. We would often feel frustrated by this sort of thing, thinking that they really have no idea what a bad day was. But then why would they? I would often tell myself that you should not judge others because it’s all a matter of perspective and what is a challenge for one person is just a walk in the park to another.

The fact is that each and every day we all face different challenges that we just get on with without the need to complain or have validation for our actions…’s just what we do. Millions of people throughout the UK care for family members with pay, appreciation or recognition because that’s what they need to do….it’s all relative to your own life.

So think of this, while you’re eating your McDonalds thinking how crap it is because it isn’t hot enough; there are kids out there that have never even tasted one (some would say that’s a good thing though). When you’re under pressure at work to meet a tight deadline there is someone out there who is in a hospital waiting on news of a loved one. While you stressed cause you missed a nights sleep there are thousands of others out there that get little or no sleep as they care for family members with medical conditions.

So keeps smiling, the suns around the corner.

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