Trend WFBS Server filling hard disk

This morning I was looking into a low disk space condition on a clients server. Of a 400GB partition there was only 68GB left, now in an era of high disk usage this may not seem to abnormal but for this client it was.

First job was to locate where this was all being consumed and after a little investigation there was 113GB but used by the Trend Worry Free Business Security server, I know that Trend is known to use quite a bit of space but this was crazy. A little further digging revealed that over 100GB was being used in the “PCCSRVLogs” folder.

A quick check on the Trend knowledgebase (KB1038277) revealed that debugging had been enabled on the Security server at some point. The answer was to disable this by logging in to the Trend WFBS console on the server, once logged on you click on the ‘m’ in the Trend logo at the top of the screen.

EN 1038277 1

In the dialog that opens then uncheck the debug option and ok. Once this has been done then you can go into the folder C:Program FilesTrend MicroSecurity ServerPCCSRVLog, or whatever folder you installed to, and then remove any files that begin with ofcdebug.

As this is not enabled by default I can only assume that it has been enabled during some troubleshooting session with Trend and the tech neglected to note it down. So if you do have to enable it then ensure you make a note as it will fill the drive!

– Rob

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