Technology is easy!

For almost 18 years I have been working in IT. I guess if I think back, like all true geeks, it was always destined to be. At the age of 8 I was coding ‘Connect4’ on a Commodore Amiga 500 which was published in a magazine and like all true magazines of this time there was ‘deliberate’ errors in it that required you to solve.

As I moved forward I progressed to an Amiga 1200 and then really lost touch with computers. I got back in touch with them again when I was in my teens when I was given a 286 and from here on the storey really tells itself. Back then things were hard to do, I mean the ‘user interface (UI)’ was at it’s very early stages with Acorn and BBC Micro being the choice of education. The Windows platform was really in its earliest stages with Windows 3.0/3.1 being the norm application developers really were just starting to learn to write applications that look good and not just do a job.

Now here we are in 2012 and I find myself once again sat in a Costa Coffee (I’m seeing a trend here?) with my iPad ranting at the fact that I cannot edit a word document to send back to a partner so they can configure a VoIP system for a mutual client. Then further complaining that, on purchasing ‘Pages’ from the app store, I cannot download it as it is over 50MB so can only work over WiFi. What seems like only a short time ago we had no Internet and certainly tablet computers were just a pipe dream of the Star Trek generation but here we are and it is the norm.

In my very short career in IT I have seen such massive changes, not only in the technology, but also in the way we work and interact with one another. I was sat next to two young ladies earlier (early twenties) that were recounting a ‘tale’ which involved ‘posting a status’ and people commenting.

I guess what I find myself doing is looking at what massive changes I have seen over a short period of time and contemplating what changes lie ahead in the next 18 years? Will we really see flying cars? Will there be teleportation devices? These are exciting times and I’m honoured to be riding the wave but how long until my generation becomes too old for all this stuff! What do you think we will see in the next 18 years, let me know your thought!

– Rob

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