My life has value

What an amazing statement!

I recently started listening to the podcasts from the guys over at, which you can find over at iTunes, and one of the podcasts featured the statement ‘My life has value’. The statement itself is a very powerful and emotional one which can only be defined by the individual who chooses to consider it. What I feel gives my life value does not and will never mean the same to you or the next person, the only person that can define that is you.

For me, I believe that ‘my life has value’ when I deliver value to those around me. Now in the business context this is generally easy to see and has been discussed in countless books some of which you have probably read. However, in a personal setting then what does this actually mean and more importantly how can you achieve this?

Again, for me, this means taking actions to improve the lives of those around you. In your family this may mean something as simple as being there for your kids school plays, maybe taking your wife out for lunch once a month, finishing work early once a month or maybe even do some volunteer work. Whatever it is that you do, you will know when it happens because it is something that will make you feel good, something that does not feel like hard work or a chore as it’s just a pleasure.

Every day life gets in the way; there is no way around the fact as it does get in the way. What we have to do is stop and find a way to look around in order to change the course of the day and make a difference. It’s not easy to do as it requires taking a little time and effort but it is so rewarding.

So take time out today and look around, so what you can do that will give your life more value and maybe those around you.

– Rob

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