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Every once in a while a piece of technology comes along is really useful. When I say useful I mean really useful, that has the potential to change the way that we work forever. Some great examples of this are the digital camera, iPod and the mobile phone. All of these devices really did change the way we did things or changed our lives.

Another one of those devices, in my opinion, is the iPad. When the iPad first came out there was a ‘gold rush’ to own one and as keen as I was to own one I held back since I am practical by nature and have to justify anything I purchase. So I sat back and waited while I built a genuine case for purchasing one. This went on for a year until finally I came to the decision that I would get one and after a quick shop around I got an iPad 1 at the right price and I have not looked back since.

Over the last few months I have built up a good collection of apps that have made my iPad into the great business tool that I need. Last week though was the first time that I went off to a conference without my trusty laptop or netbook should I need to do some support etc. I have to say that the iPad held it’s own throughout the day, admittedly I have remote access to a Windows 7 virtual PC for support. None the less it still was able to handle everything I needed to do with ease and was infinitely easier to carry around than the traditional tools of the trade.

This has made the iPad my most functional gadget purchase this year, if not of all time and I would highly recommend one to anyone

– Rob

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