From 30,000 feet

In the sky

One thing that you learn in life is that no two people will see or hear the same thing and that really fascinates me. It all comes down to perception and emotional intelligence, in my humble opinion. The fact is that people see things from very different perspectives in life based on the life that they have lived.

One thing that is *always* worth doing is standing back and taking a look at your business from 30,000ft to see if what you are doing and where you are going is really where you want to be. As human beings we are so involved in our day to day life are serving our clients and providing them with what they want that it’s very easy to forget.

So the lesson for today is to stop and look at where you are and more importantly where you want to be going……you’ll be surprised at how different things look from 30,000 feet!

– Rob

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  1. January 28, 2011

    Love this post and on a subject that when you’re in the ‘thick of it’ is sometimes hard to do.

    It’s always good practice to act on this every so often and always, always, try and hold on to a vision that can help keep you on a steady path.

    That way, when you do look at the path you’ve trodden from 30,000 feet, it’s not so wiggly! 🙂

  2. January 28, 2011

    Loving this post man. You are so right.. often its what we do and I am guilty of it all the time. This year I have started focuisng much more the 30 000 foot view rather than on the ground stuff.. its amazing as you say, there are some things I dont like what I see

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