Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and Sharepoint Workspace

Having re-launched my love affair with Sharepoint since the introduction of Sharepoint Foundation 2010 I really do love it. Much of the work that I have done previously when out and about have been using Dropbox which has worked great but as more people in the business needed access to the same data as me then I needed another solution. Since I have a nasty habit of just plonking down where I am and just starting to work I really needed something that would work well when mobile and would also utilise the infrastructure I had already..enter Sharepoint.

Having configured it for remote use it was great but it was still a little clunky as I needed to be online to do anything (I could work through Outlook but it is not too pretty IMHO)..then I discovered Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace, formally Groove. The only real drawback about it is that you can only get it with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 which is only available through Microsoft Volume Licensing, a real over sight by Microsoft in my opinion. That said, if you do have it then use it!!

As standard, Sharepoint Foundation 2010 does not work when you click the link in the library that says “Sync to Sharepoint Workspace” you get the message:

SharePoint Workspace was unable to interpret the SharePoint location. Please check and ensure the location contains no typing errors.

This is due to a change which needs to be made on the Sharepoint server to make it work, follow the link below to resolve the issue:

If you have Sharepoint setup on a none standard port then ensure that you have it specified at the end of the URL.

– Rob

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