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Sharepoint 2010 backup with Powershell

Always one for trying to get things automated then I wanted to get backups of my new Sharepoint 2010 website automated. Previously I have not had a great experience of this, as I never tried a restore of the backup … Continue reading

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Lost in the fog

Outside it is really foggy and has been throughout today and yesterday, so much so that the MetOffice has described it as ‘Dense Fog’. Quite apt really as that’s the way I have been feeling for the last couple of … Continue reading

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Vick vaporub

I took Tom to the doctors today as he’s had a real cough this last week and been spiking quite high temp’s.  While Nurofen is keeping his temperature in check he was getting no better so it was a trip … Continue reading

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Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and Sharepoint Workspace

Having re-launched my love affair with Sharepoint since the introduction of Sharepoint Foundation 2010 I really do love it. Much of the work that I have done previously when out and about have been using Dropbox which has worked great … Continue reading

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