What get’s you going in the morning?

This morning I was up at a little after 6am and got myself ready to go out running. When I got downstairs and looked out of the front window the ground was thick with frost, I knew this before I got downstairs but this was proof. So I put on my gloves, thermal jacket and woolly hat and went out running for half hour. It was cold, not arctic cold but it was -2c outside and it was starting to freeze my gloves by the end of the run but it really felt great. So what actually possessed me to get up so early and run in sub-zero temperatures. It was motivation, motivation towards a particular goal which in this case is to complete the First day to 5K plan from podrunner. However, this is not all of it as this alone will not make me get up that early in the morning as I am not pre-disposed to getting up so early. In my case I opted for a hypnosis session which helped with this and really kick started my routine.

I have always been envious of all those folks out there that just seem to be able to do things naturally, seemingly without having to work hard, those people that always seem to be naturally slim or athletic. I realised in time that it may not be the case that this happens naturally and in actual fact this may even be something that they have to work hard at. This was some kind epiphany for me as it made me feel like I was not woefully inadequate and that it was something I really could achieve. So why this blog post? I guess it is really just to say that what I am doing is hard, it’s hard to get up early every morning and go running/cycling in the cold when I could be tucked up in bed but it is possible. So whatever it is that you want to achieve just set your mind to it, make a plan and follow it. Don’t ever worry about finishing, it is getting started that is most important.

Let me know your stories or experiences

– Rob

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