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I had a phone call earlier this evening from my sister in law who’d had a rather strange phone call and wanted to check with me. They had received a phone call from someone with an indian accent who claimed to be from ‘windows’. They told her that she had corrupt files on her laptop and they needed to be fixed immediately. She told them that she was going out and hadn’t got time to look at it but the person on the phone became quite insistent that she should boot up her laptop NOW.

She told them again she had not got time now so the person reluctantly left their name, Steve Williams from Win PC Technologies, along with a phone number of 0141 4163986.

As soon as she asked me about it a quick google search on the phone number revealed a number of people who had received similar calls from this ‘company’, many of whom had been charged a great deal of money to sort out so called ‘problems’. One person on there claimed to have worked for this company and they had the following to say about them:


So please be warned that if someone calls from this company claiming you have corruptions on your computer, there is no way that they can know this without having looked at your computer first. You should also never let anyone take control of your computer unless you absolutely know who they are first.

You should always check the credentials of any IT supplier and look for one that is affiliated with an industry body such as CompTIA or TCA. No matter how pushy they are, do not be taken in.

– Rob

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  1. October 30, 2010

    Yep – I had the same thing this morning. Their number was 0141 4163986 for a return call. It was an Indian lady called “Raywin” from win pc technologies. She told me that they were calling on behalf of the windows operating system. Apparently Microsoft was just a part of that.


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