Microsoft Security Essential free to SMB’s

Yesterday Microsoft announced that as from early October (no actual date as yet) it will be making Microsoft Security Essentials available for small businesses with up to 10 PC’s FREE OF CHARGE. If you are not already aware of it I would highly recommend taking a look this move signifies a shift in the way that software is delivered to the SMB space. Microsoft have always supplied Security Essentials to home users free of charge but the SMB space has always been covered by Microsoft Forefront Security as part of their Business Ready Security Suite.

So what’s the difference? The core difference between the two products is that Microsoft Forefront Security is a centrally managed product which had updates and definitions distributed from a central source which is traditionally the office server. In contrast Microsoft Security Essentials is ideally suited to Small businesses that may not have a server in place, for example when they are using cloud services, or that do not require central management. Either way it is a compelling and interesting move by Microsoft in to a market space which they currently do not have a significant market share in.

Either way this is great news for Small Businesses everywhere!

– Rob

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