Virtually the weekend

Today is shaping up to be a good end to a good week, not great but then not bad either. It has been a week of working with clients and working on my own business, which has been nice for a change. This afternoon find me setting up virtualization for a client, not just for the sake of it either. When I first started working with this client both of their servers were almost 5 years old, which as we all know starts to become ‘shaky ground’. The first plan was to replace these and after almost a year we had the budget and both servers had new hardware ordered.

When they arrived the first to be commissioned was the file & print server as this was a straight forward migration to Windows 2008 from Windows 2003. This went fairly smooth, and apart from printers, it didn’t really cause us any hassle. The other server run’s the clients line of business (LOB) application which was not compatible with Windows 2008, but as the client planned to upgrade we went ahead and ordered the new server anyway. Various meetings took place with the LOB support company and the client did not progress this despite making it clear that we *really* needed to do this as by now the hardware it was on was almost 7 years old. Before we completed this the business was sold, and while our services have been retained, this LOB application is still on the old server.

Now it was time to push, so I explained that we had to move this project forward and given that the LOB upgrade was not on the short term plan the best route was to virtualize the current server onto the new one using Hyper-V so that it is then on new hardware.

So this is where I find myself now and we are moving along great. The whole process has been made simple with the use of Paragon Drive Backup Server Edition, which the client already had, as it has a P2V Copy tool. Without this it would not have been so straight forward. So I will continue to ‘sup’ tea and eat my biscuits while we continue.

– Rob

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