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Over this last week I have been speaking a lot with a good friend of mine. He is currently setting up the UK office for a German company who provide encryption solutions for businesses. Now, he has come from an ’employed’ background which means that there has always been a ‘man’ for every job that needs to be done in the business. There’s a marketing team full of creative luvvies just waiting to come up with some great one-liners and hair brain adverts just like the Cadbury’s one’s. There has been a group of techies huddled up in a dark corner just waiting for a new problem so they can get their ‘geek on’. Then there’s the small group of people in the accounts office that love ‘figures’ in the way that only an accountant can and chase payments like a dog chases a bone.  Of course there has been the MD sitting in his large office, lording it up over the business making sure that everyone is working hard. Somewhere in the midst of all this typical business has sat my friend, performing his duties with all the diligence of a man that has true passion for his job and the people he serves.

Now, due to a twist of fate, he has found himself in the role that many small business owners find themselves. Where this army of people that do every part of the business only exists within your mind, in what can only be likened to “Dissociative identity disorder“. It got me thinking about how each day small business owners go to work and assume more roles in one day than most actors undertake in a lifetime and still they continue to project an image of sanity, integrity and professionalism within that. Then as the business starts to grow they start to pass some of those personalities on to the subordinate that are brought on-board, again in the hope that they can off-load another one soon. So the enterprising people of the world continue.

Now I am sure that all of this probably sounds quite depressing but it shouldn’t. It is a stark image of how amazing small business owners and entrepreneurs are and continue to be as each day passes. For this I salute all Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs out there and long may enterprise continue.

For my part, I will continue to help my friend through his period of having a split-personality and pass on the lessons I have learned, especially the one’s I learnt that hard way!

If you have any great stories about life as a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur then please leave them in the comments below.

– Rob

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