Office 2003 & 2007

If you want to install Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 on the same Windows 7 computer there are a couple of considerations that should be made. Firstly, each version of Office must be installed into separate directories. In my case I installed Office 2007 first in the standard directory. Then I installed Office 2003 into a different directory i.e. “c:program filesmicrosoft office 2003”. When installing Office 2003 I install everything except Outlook 2003 as there was no need to have 2 versions of Outlook installed and that was the most likely one to cause a conflict.

When it finished installing both versions ran correctly but Word 2003 kept presenting the user with the Microsoft EULA each time the application launched. While they kept agreeing it still asked again the next time it launched. The resolution is to right click and ‘Run as administrator’ on Word 2003 which then stops this from happening again.

Hope this helps others out there.

– Rob

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