Do you remember the first time?

Yesterday I went to see my son in his school play called “Do you remember the first time?”. He, along with 3 other children, played the part of adults waiting to go into an interview and they began talking about how it was the ‘first time’ for them. As they began to talk they spoke of all of those ‘first times’ through school which were re-enacted, First time you were sent to the head teacher; the first time you were taught to read the time etc. I have to say that all in all it was a really good play and a fantastic performance from all of the kids involved, of course especially my son Kyle.  A special thanks should go out to the teachers of Granby Junior School who made it happen.

It got me thinking though of all of the ‘first times’ that we all have each and every day, not all of them are good but they are still ‘first times’ none the less. For example, there is the first time that you speak with a new prospect. For some people, this is easier than others but I think that for all of us most of those feelings are the same; you wonder if you will say and do the right things so that you can get the right response. Then you find you have said all the right things and you are going to meet them, for the ‘first time’, there is the feelings that lead up to that meeting; the stress of not wanting to be late; the time is not ideal but you can’t rearrange as its the ‘first meeting’ etc.

All of these are ‘first time’ experiences and the fact is that no matter how old we get, how worldly we get or how experienced we are; there will always be ‘first times’ for the rest of our lives and this is something the treasure as it truly is a gift.

But remember, for each of those ‘first times’ you only get one chance at it being the ‘first time’ so make it count!!

– Rob

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