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Apple IOS4 is not for the iPhone 3G

As with the rest of the ‘sheep’ I was keen to get the new Apple IOS4 installed on my phone as soon as it came out on Monday this week. It took almost 3 hours for the whole process to … Continue reading

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Do you remember the first time?

Yesterday I went to see my son in his school play called “Do you remember the first time?”. He, along with 3 other children, played the part of adults waiting to go into an interview and they began talking about … Continue reading

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Office 2003 & 2007

If you want to install Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 on the same Windows 7 computer there are a couple of considerations that should be made. Firstly, each version of Office must be installed into separate directories. In … Continue reading

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The law of ’24’

Whenever I write anything on this blog I try to write as both the teacher and the pupil, why? The fact is that we are all both teachers and pupils deep down and this is a fundamental feature of humans. … Continue reading

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