Insanity is only a state of mind

A rather odd title I admit but sometimes some of the more insane things to do are the absolute best things to do. This became apparent when I volunteered myself to do a triathlon in August this year. Most of you know that I love cycling and really enjoy running that’s 2 out of 3 items covered, the swimming is not so hot but I do enjoy it but really..all three together in a race?! Insane.

The thing is our youngest son was in hospital from birth until he was almost 3 years old (you can read about it here)and it brings a few things home to you. Firstly, there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you; Second, there are people out there that no matter how bad it gets they just battle on very seldom complaining. We had some great support for individuals as well as bodies that are involved in his particular illness. As a result I decided last year that I would do something to raise money this year for charity. I have now decided that I will be doing two things to raise money for a great charity who need some support; they are called Breathe On UK. They provide support for ventilated children and their families during some of the more stressful times which is when it is needed most. My chosen events are as follows:

1. Cycle ride from Ilkeston to Ilkeston via Skegness
The plan is sometime in June (to be decided) to cycle from Ilkeston across to the East Coast to Skegness, then turn around and come back again in the same day. This works out at around 200 miles which is not an easy thing but not impossible.

2. Beginners triathlon in August
The second event is a beginners Triathlon which has been organised by Erewash Borough Council and takes place in August this year. The event consists of a 400m swim, 10 mile cycle ride and a 3 mile run. Again not a simple feat for someone who is new to the event but again it’s not impossible.

So that’s the line up for this year, once I have all of the sponsor forms etc organised I will be asking for anyone willing to sponsor to contribute as this is a great charity that really needs some support. Thanks in advance for any support, I’m outta here now!

– Rob

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