What gets you going?

This is just a quick post that came to me this morning as I was getting up, “What gets you going?”.

I envy people who find it easy to get up early in the morning as this is always something I struggle with, don’t get me wrong I always wake by 7.30am which some would consider early but I want to be getting up at 6am as there are things I like to do. Lots of people I know get up at 6am seemingly without any major hassles or struggles but do they? I do manage, for the most part, to get up at 6am as I love to cycle early in the morning before work and some would look and think that this comes natural and easy for me. Let me tell you now I REALLY struggle.

Human nature is to see the negatives, for example;

  • But the bed is nice and warm and it’s cold out there
  • Just 5 more minutes..
  • It’s raining so I’ll cycle tomorrow
  • I didn’t go to bed until late so I’ll get up late

The fact is that getting up early sucks for me but if I want to do the things I want to do I have to find the things that get me going…maybe thats all you need too?

– Rob

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