Error running Active Directory Users & Computers in SBS2008

I ran into an issue on a new SBS2008 server at a clients office recently. Whenever I tried to launch Active Directory Users and Computers on the SBS2008 server it would come up with a Visual C++ Runtime error and the message read:

“The Application has requested the runtime to terminate it in a unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information”

The first job was to install all of the available updates which did not resolve the issue so a search of the usual online communities was in order and after a short search I came across someone with the same issue here.

The suggested resolution was to open Active Directory Sites and Services which in my case was not affected, then go to ‘Tool’ and on the ‘Disk Cleanup’ tab click on delete files. The issue seems to be caused by the installation of third party apps, however there is nothing unusual installed on this server but in this instance the AD tools were not happy. No the less simply following this method the issue was resolved and I hope this helps others.

– Rob

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