2 day Strategic marketing masterclass for £75!!

I try not to do any shameless “whoring” but sometimes it just has to be done for the greater good.  There are a great deal of small business out there trying a great deal of marketing tactics without success because it lacks structure. Unless you have a natural flare or have had training it can be very hard to market your business/product and succeed but with a little training you can.

I am pleased to say that a fellow BNI member and good friend of mine, Kirsty Cambers from Fresh Marketing Solutions, is running a marketing masterclass.  Now in conjunction with Business Link eligible business with 2-249 employees that have not had previous Lead to Succeed Training should be eligible for Business Link support.  This support means that the course cost is reduced from £650 + VAT to just £75.00 + VAT!!  If you are interested please read on:

Award winning marketing consultancy, Fresh Marketing Solutions have put together a course to help all businesses achieve their commercial objectives in 2009. The 2 day Masterclass will provide the opportunity for learners to put together a strategic marketing plan that is tailored to their business.

Masterclass Content
During the intensive 2 day course, learners will cover a variety of topics such as tools and techniques for analysing their business environment, objective setting, evaluation of different marketing tools, implementation planning and measuring key performance indicators. The course is suitable for any team member that wants to have a structured approach to business growth or who may be relatively new to marketing.

The Benefits
Upon completion of the course each learner will have an accurate and relevant marketing plan to implement within their business. The marketing plan will be an action plan to ensure their commercial objectives are met for 2009. By attending this course, businesses have a much more cost effective method of obtaining strategic focus than hiring in a 3rd party which can cost thousands of pounds in consultancy fees. There will be options for post-masterclass support to ensure that the newly produced marketing plan is being implemented and remains relevant to their business.

The Consultants
With over 10 years of experience, both Consultants selected to run the masterclass have a wealth of experience across businesses from a variety of sectors. These range from large multinational organisations, small to medium enterprises and independent sole traders. Both Consultants are of a high marketing pedigree with proven expertise as practitioners and hold Chartered Markeeter status.

Course Details
Masterclasses will be held across April, May and June 2009. The course will be delivered in a Nottingham training facility where refreshments and lunch will be served on both days. Specific details of location, times etc will be issued in the learner packs sent to you.  All learning material will be provided.

The course is priced at £650 per learner (excluding VAT) with the option of group discounts.

Funding now available
If you have 2-249 employees and have not had previous Lead to Success Training you should be eligible for Business Link support. If you are eligible for funding you will receive a £575 contribution towards the cost of the course.

Kirsty will arrange for Business Link to call you and allocate the funding. If you are eligible for funding you will be reimbursed by Business Link for the amount that you are entitled to. You will be asked to pay the full amount up front then you will receive the £575 reimbursement from Business Link.

If this is of interest to anyone, which it should be at that cost, then please use the form below to contact Fresh Marketing Solutions.

End of shameless whoreing, have a great week all!!

– Rob

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