What makes good IT Support

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and he was telling me about some problems he was having with a new client that his company was looking after. Now he’s no stranger as he has been working with this ISP for more years than I care to remember and during this time he has been supporting end users and businesses with their Internet connections.  This typically covered ADSL connections, hosting, email, ftp etc so he’s no stranger to support but this type of support was a new thing as he was providing IT support. Anyone who provides IT support will know that it is a broad spectrum of support that is provided as we are expected to support servers, workstations, scanners, printers, routers, switches, photocopiers, smartphones and the list goes on.

One of the key characteristics of IT support technicians, in my opinion, is to listen to what the client wants or needs. Once you listen then you can deliver exactly what they are looking for from you but without the very first step you are headed nowhere fast. Now IT support on the “frontline” and Internet support have some very different characteristic but on key difference the scope of products and devices that need to be supported.

It turned out that the main issue with this particular client was that the person coordinating the IT internally did not really understand it which meant that they wanted to know every single last detail about everything on the system.  The was not because of anything other than a fear of having to deal with and support (internally) something that they really didn’t understand on anything other than a desktop use level. What we do is to help the client to understand what they need to know and explain why they don’t need to know about the disk configuration on the server.  This is the core of true IT support, it is the ability to not only support the technology but to also support the clients as an individual so that they can understand and more importantly how it relates to their business.

If your business is not getting good IT support from its supplier or you want to know how your system works for your business then contact us

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