Pay it forward

You may remember a film called Pay it forward in which a young boy was given an assignment by his teacher to think of something that would change the world and put it into action.  The boy came up with the idea to “pay it forward”, the idea was simple in that he would do a good deeds to three people on the proviso that they would “pay it forward” to three other people and so on.  The films tracks back from a reporter who was a benefactor of one of these good deeds back to the child that created it.

This film, while I only half watched it first time round, has left a very lasting memory for myself.  The reason for this is that the concept is so simple, so powerful and more importantly it is completely against what seems to have become normal behaviour in society today.  There are still a massive majority of businesses and individuals that will not do anything unless they know what’s in it for them, they only give to receive.  A couple of weeks ago I had a call at the office from a guy that was looking for a job.  He told me that he had been made redundant from his current job and was looking for work.  He asked if we had any positions, I explained that there was nothing at present but I asked him to send his CV through and I would forward it on to some of the other IT partners that I work with.  I said thank you for doing it and almost off the cuff said “if only other companies were so helpful” then hung up.  The amount of gratitude from this guy was enough, there was no promises made as I didn’t know what others had to offer and in reality there really was much effort (2 minutes) involved in forwarding this to some of our partners.  It was just a very simple act that absolutely any one of the companies he had spoke to previously could have done without any real effort but it was clear that none had.

So do something special today, tomorrow, everyday or whenever the opportunity comes available.  Do something for somebody without asking “what’s in it for me” or expecting something in return.

If you have any thoughts then I’d love to hear them.

– Rob

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