Network woes

Today I was called to a clients that had added some new RAM to a Windows XP pc but could not access the network any longer.  What was happening was it showed a connection was in place but it would not obtain an IP address from the network nor would it workwith a fixed IP address.  The first thing to check was the physical side of the networking such as cables, network ports etc, but still to no avail.  Tried a known working connection from another PC and drew the same blank result which started to look like cooked OS which was not something I wanted as the look in his eyes said he wanted it sorting today.  So I tried a new network card in case the internal adapter was toasted but stil no good. Next option was going to be trying repairing the TCP/IP stack using the time old command of:

netsh int ip reset c:ipreset.txt

Still no joy, now things were really starting to look bleak as this was an older unit that shipped with an OS CD Rom and not the good ol’ recovery disks.  Then with a burst of inspiration I decided to try the winsock stack, as it was possible this was damaged as a standard “ping” command produced some very odd results.  The command, as before, was:

netsh winsock reset

This was followed by a restart and cries of joy (inside of course, outside it was “there we go all sorted”).  This is not a command that I have had to use before, many a time the ip reset has been used but no this one.

Anyhow, you learn something new everyday!

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