Fixin’ stuff

Over the weekend it was time to re-install the work laptop, which isn’t too much of an issue however the data need to be taken off first.  So the first job was to try and find somewhere to dump about 40gb of data, nothing too major but the state of modern computing shows that your average desktop/notebook typically has more storage than servers.  The best place to put this data was going to be on the host for our three virtual servers but for some reason, following the installation of VMWare 2.0, network access to this server stopped altogether.  The server itself could get out but nothing could get back into the server itself.  What transpired after a number of hours of testing was that during the upgrade to VMWare Server 2.0 it changed many of the policies in the Routing and Remote Access Service which meant that there was not NetBIOS access to the host server but the virtual servers were still accessible which was more confusing.  The end result was to downgrade VMWare Server to a previous version and then to disable the Routing and Remote Access Service.  Following a reboot of the host everything came back on fine and network access to the host was fully restored.

All that was left was to reinstall Vista back on the laptop which went very smooth, so much so that I now have a dual boot to Windows 7 Beta configured so that I can start and give it some serious testing.  More to follow on this one.

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