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There’s a price on yer head

Some of you may have read that latest news that Microsoft has put out a $250,000 reward to find who is behind the Conficker worm that is said to have infected as many as 12 million computers.  They are doing … Continue reading

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Network woes

Today I was called to a clients that had added some new RAM to a Windows XP pc but could not access the network any longer.  What was happening was it showed a connection was in place but it would … Continue reading

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Reminder: General Availability for Windows 7 Beta Ending This Week

This is a repost from the Windows Blog here: I wanted to quickly remind everyone that this week general availability for the Windows 7 Beta will be ending: February 10th: Starting at 12am Pacific Time, no new downloads will be … Continue reading

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The world keeps turning

This week has been an interesting week for UK business.  We have discovered, surprise  surprise, that as a country we are totally unable to cope with any kind of weather outside of the standard drizzle of rain or a sparkle … Continue reading

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Just plain insane

This was the scene in Nottingham today.  Not too bad considering how bad the weather gets in other countries but as true Brits we were totally ill-equipped to cope with the snow.  Still it was fun and apparently there’s more … Continue reading

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Fixin’ stuff

Over the weekend it was time to re-install the work laptop, which isn’t too much of an issue however the data need to be taken off first.  So the first job was to try and find somewhere to dump about … Continue reading

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