Where does all the time go?

As I posted recently we are in the process of implementing Autotask which is not a short process however even in this short period of time it is proving to be well worthwhile.  So what have I learned from this process so far?

Business automation is a not a simple process. This quite simply is because the processes which we have in our businesses, regardless of size, are complex and each step is usually dependant on a series of processes which have been completed beforehand. The next thing which has become apparent is that there is a great deal of work which we undertake which is “rationalised”.  You may wonder what the hell I am talking about so lets give an example;  A client calls to say that they have a problem with a notebook and they need us to take a look, we arrange to visit the client at site and take a look.  This visit, only including time onsite, takes 1.5hrs as diagnostic work is performed onsite but the unfortunately the unit has to be removed from site and reinstalled.  It is then brought back to the office to be reinstalled, the client did not have the recovery disk, this process takes a further 3 hrs including updates, drivers etc.  Then the unit is returned to site for final configuration and demonstration to the client to ensure they can see it is working which takes a further 1.25hrs.  All in the process takes a total of 5.75hrs however we know that the client is not going to pay that much for the work to be performed so we only charge for 3hrs.  Some may see this is as being too generous by not charging for this time but we believe in being fair with our clients, sadly the client still thought this was expensive but then you can’t please everyone.

The moral of this is that once you start to account for all of your time then certain things become clear and lessons to be learned.  You may not like these lessons they will ultimately benefit your business, while you still may continue to make these time concessions they will be done knowing what time is being given for free and what is being charged for.

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