What drives you?

Drive and motivation typically go hand in hand but it’s something that typically does not come naturally.  I love running, in fact the only thing that I love more than running is cycling, but with the hectic lifestyles that we lead today it is difficult to find the time to do these kind of activities especially when you have a young family.  One of the reasons that I love these sports is just the sheer love of the outdoors and the fact it is just a little time where I don’t have to think, just simple primal instinct.  The other reason is that it keeps me fit & healthy which ultimately is better for me.  In order to fit this in though 3 mornings a week I get up at 6.15am and I’m out on the road by 6.30am.  On Thursday I got up as usual and on this night we had carers staying over to look after our little boy (see www.potter-tate.co.uk for more on Danny), when one of them said “I wish I had the dedication to get up at this time and exercise, perhaps you can give me a little of your dedication”.  This got me thinking why do I got up at this un-godly hour and run in the cold, rain snow or whatever the weather brings.  If fact most of my friends think I am insane for doing it but I still get up and I still run.  Don’t get me wrong it’s hard, it’s tiring and sometimes I just feel like stopping and walking back home but I never do.  So why do I do it?

There’s no simple answer I’m afraid, but what I can tell you is that the need to run/cycle is NOT enough.  I want to stay healthy and more important I started about a year ago to struggle, and I mean really struggle to get into my clothes.  This bothered me a lot, I mean I am about 5′ 8″ and was weighing in at just a touch under 14 stone (196 pounds) which was just TOO much.  I thought of dieting but to be honest I love food, all sorts of food and the I couldn’t handle the concept of limiting it through traditional diets.  What I did know was I need to loose it. So I decided that the way to do it was to exercise so I started the Couch to 5K runner plan which too you from nothing to 3 miles in just 9 weeks and it was great.  By summer I was running 3 miles regular in about 30 mins but then I got pains in my legs which too me out so I started back on the bike.  I was cycling 14 miles a session 5 days a week which took about 45 minutes to do and I loved it.  Sadly the bike broke in late November last year so I am back running again which is great.  Throughout all of this, the thing that got me out of bed each morning was the fact that I wanted to be fit & healthy for myself and for my kids.

Now, your probably wondering why the life story?  Well the thing is most articles that guide you in goal setting they don’t usually help with real world examples so hopefully my experience will you.  The thing with goal setting is that you can meet the stages short-term but if you want to continue on day-by-day then you have to have a long-term goal that these little steps go toward.

I don’t have the answers to real goal setting, but I know what worked for me and maybe this can help you.  Any question then please feel free to drop me a line.

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