Reinventing me

Intriguing title maybe but what am I talking about.  As we go through life we become who we are by the people we meet, the surroundings we live in, our role models that we adopt as well as many other things but does this make a better you?  In short maybe but then maybe not.  Personal development is all about looking at those that surround us and looking what, if any, traits can I adopt which will make me a better person.  It is also about looking at who we are now and seeing if what we have become is all that we want to be or if there are some things which you don’t like that you can change.

In my current journey I am looking at who I am now and seeing what things need to be changed to get me to the person that I want to be and in some respects the person that I was.  The last few years have taken their toll on me which, some of you may have read before, has been a very trying time with building what was basically a new business as well as our newly born son being very sick in hospital.  This time allowed certain aspects of me to develop for the worse, something which I am not proud of but I do seek to change.  These characteristics are something that I know I’m doing but are consciously allowing to continue so these are things that I am trying to tackle.  Why be so honest and open about this? Well in short because I am not perfect nor would I ever claim to be.  What I do claim is to try and do better each day, one small step at a time.  So what can you do to be better each day:

  • Look at the things that you do each day and think to yourself, “Would you be happy to be on the receiving end?”
  • Do you think that you are achieving the best out of your day.
  • Could you be a better person

Once you have answered these questions then it’s a good place to start and from here you can build an idea of what you need to change and how you’ll change it.  Do I have the answers? No just some questions that you can ask yourself and just maybe what I am figuring out can help you too.

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