If a jobs worth doing…

The old saying goes that “if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well” and never a true word was spoken.  The world we live in today is fast moving and sometimes you feel as through you are in the wake of an avalanche with no way of stopping.  People today do not spend enough time on things and it is all too often the case that they will procrastinate until it is too late to do a good job.  Sometimes it is frugal to procrastinate as it gives us time to plan the work that we are  undertaking, allow the creative thought process to run so we can create the work at hand.  However, more often than not this time is not required and more importantly it is wasted with resulting work being typically of poor standard.  A classic example of this was this evening my son said that he had homework to do.  This had been given to him on Friday but he had not done it, he also didn’t have the assignment as another child had taken it from him.  Creatively enough he decided to create a document which discussed various plants as he knew this was the topic.  The resultant document was not so impressive as he had copied parts from the Internet without formatting he text correctly and more importantly he had copied one section three times.  The resultant document was just rushed and had no real effort put in to ensure that what was being presented was correct or of reasonable quality.  This may seem a harsh analysis of his work but I was raised with the understand of “If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.  So with that I assisted him in making the necessary corrections and explained that what he had done was great but he needed to be more conscious when doing this sort of work.

The fact is that we are all judged by the work that we do for others.  This could be something as simple has helping over the phone, guiding a customer to the right place in a store or it could be a new network installation.  Whatever the task we, as individuals, should always try to strive to better ourselves and stand out above the crowd by going that extra mile to make our client happy.  Always remember that it takes a lot to impress people today but it doesn’t take a lot to disappoint them, which do you want to do?

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