When the goings good…..

At the moment business is going from strength to strength which given the current economic climate is quite amazing because if the media are to be believed then we are on the brink of global recession.  Now while I run an IT business I do not claim to be the global economist nor a great authority of all things financial, this is why we have accountants!, but that said I am able to do simple maths and see the obvious.  What seems to be happening at the minute is the "credit crunch" a term which up until a few months ago never even existed and while this situation is very real it seem to have been brought about by the ever rising house prices and peoples need to own their own homes.  This then led on to the banks continuing to lend money in whatever way they could some working on mortgages up to 50 years….mental.  Now as a business owner I have taken a step back and looked what is happening in our business and in particular in our business sector.  What I have seen is very little difference it last year, in fact to be quite honest we have been busier than ever with sales month in month out increasing by up to 200% which is excellent.  So much so that I was asked recently what business I was looking for and I replied "None" as we are so busy.  So what is really happening? Well I think that in this case beauty is in the eye of the beholder or in this case the future of the economy is in our own hands.

I truly believe if we continue to bang on the recession drum and preach to all who will listen that a end is coming then it will come.  If that same energy is channeled into driving our businesses forward and working hard to keep everything going then it truly will. One of the great stories that shows what can be done with a little determination is "The pursuit of happyness", for those that do not know it follows the story of "Chris Gardner’s" dream of making a success and getting rich; its a real story of rags to riches.  So what do we need to do to get things moving, well here’s my opinion for what it’s worth:

  1. Focus on what your clients need and supply it, provide what they are asking for and not what you want to.
  2. Listen to what the media are saying and incorporate it into your plans but do not let it be of detriment to the business
  3. Believe that what you are providing will give value to your clients because if you don’t believe it then why should they
  4. Always remain positive, it will drive you forward each day and will carry those around you with it, remember when you smile the whole world smiles

Ok as I say not a global economist by any stretch of the imagination and it certainly is not the secret to success, but if you work hard and believe in these things then it will help drive your business further.

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