No backups = Disaster!

How many business do you either deal with directly or know that do backups? A large percentage I would say however how many individuals (home users) actually do backups?  Not so many.  If you ask a home user about backups then they will usually tell you on of two things:

  1. I don’t really have anything important to backup
  2. I brought some CD’s to do it just haven’t got around to it yet.

Let’s address these one by one….

  1. I don’t really have anything important to backup.
    Lie, Fact most people these days own a digital camera which they use to take photo’s of their kids, family, friends, holidays… get the idea.  How many of the photos taken do we print?  Well I find typically less than about 10%.  How many do we want to keep?  All of them.  And rightly so, these are memories that can never be recovered.  In the days before digital camera’s we got out film’s developed and kept the photo’s and short of a house fire these were never lost.  Now with digital camera we can take more photo’s for less but if you are leaving them an a hard drive somewhere then they stand a very high chance of getting lost.  BACK THEM UP.  If this means that you have sit there for a couple of hours feeding blank DVD’s to the computer then do it.  At the very least make a copy onto another computer.  When it comes to photo’s I always advise everyone to make three copies of each DVD full of photo’s; Disk 1) Use this one to look at photo’s; Disk 2) Store this one at you house in a loft/safe or whatever; Disk 3) Store this a another family members house, so if yours burns down you still got them.
  2. I brought some CD’s to do it just haven’t got around to it yet.
    So goes to you just BACK THEM UP.  The fact is that if you don’t YOU WILL LOSE THEM I guarantee it, it may take a few years but it will happen.

The other option is to get yourself a NAS box (Network Attached Storage) and connect it to your router.  When it’s on the network it will be available to save data to which will give you a little redundancy in your storage network.  There are programs that you can use to automate the backup task such as SyncBack which is available as both a full retail version or also as a Freeware version.  What this application allows you to do is create a profile for performing a backup copy of data from one location to another and while this will not help in a house fire it will create redundancy for hardware failure which is much more common.  So make sure you get those backups sorted out and if anyone want’s any further advice then don’t hesitate to contact me.

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