Linksys woes

Over the weekend I was onsite finishing off and installation for a client of a VoIP PBX system that we had provided.  What they had got was one of IP PBX’s with 4 Linksys SPA941 IP Phones connect to 2 ISDN2e lines so that they had 4 incoming calls.  Due to the nature of their business they get a large volume of calls and the 2 analogue lines they had previously was just not cutting it.  Anyway, I connected the last phone to the system and decided to set the daylight savings time rule on the SPA handsets so that BST would be correct on the handsets.

Linksys SPA941 So I dutifully changed the config on server so that the new correct dates were inserted and then did a factory reset on the handset to force it to get the correct configuration downloaded to the handset……boy was that a mistake!!  What actually happened was that it downloaded the configuration for the server, restarted and when it came up again the display was not working it simply displayed the text logo for the handset.  Now to all intents and purposes it looked as though the firmware had fried which was not something that pleases anyone.  However, after downloading the firmware from the Linksys website it continued to do the same thing and as the display was screwed I couldn’t use the setup option to perform another factory reset.  Anyway, after much backtracking I finally got the old daylight saving time rule from another handset and changed the configuration file on the server along with on the handset and rebooted and finally all was back to normal.  At this time I still don’t know why the rule upset the phone so much but what I do know is that it caused be about 2 hours of hassle the I could have done without on a Saturday.  Once I have tested this out in the lab I will let you all know the fix.

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