Light relief

As anyone in IT will tell you most of your time is spent in front of a computer and if you work in support then a whole heap of that is spent watching progress bars descend into the abyss of life.  I would estimate now that I have spent approximately 40% of my working time watching progress bars move across the screen just waiting from something to finish installing or uninstalling.  Then as IT people we go home, see our family, then start working again or at least that is how my life tends to pan out.  However now that the better weather has finally started I was able to get out in the garden today and start to get things straight so that the kids could enjoy the summer.  Danny As with many other people we enjoy nothing better than a BBQ in the summer and part of that is to make sure that the garden is fit for the occasion.  The kids also really enjoyed being out there today as they were able to get scooters and stuff out and really play and for those who know me Danny was able to really have his first play outside.  For those that don’t know me, our youngest was born in July ’06 and was born with a great deal of problems and we are told he is "one of a kind" as no child with problems as severe as his has ever survived, to see more on Danny go to his blog  Any how Danny had a great time out there as you can see for yourself.

While it was a great day outdoors for a change it would seem that the forecast is back to being shite tomorrow as they are expecting heavy rain again. Still one day out is better than nothing!!

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