Damn it’s dead!!

As an IT guy I have heard this so many times that if I had a pound for each time I’m sure I could have retired by now.  For anyone that has had this happen it is the most sickening feeling you can get and it goes something like this.

You arrive at the office at 7.30am as you have some extra work that you need to get done before the 9am meeting.  So you plug in the laptop, switch on and go get a coffee while it boots……except when you come back you have the infamous blue screen of death BSOD.

Blue Screen of Death

And the sinking feeling begins.  With notebooks this tend to be a major problem as the hard disks are not so easily accessible especially if you are not technically minded and have the necessary adapters to connect them to a desktop.  So how can you get your data off, after all your not really bothered at this point in time about the notebook as you can borrow a desktop you just want your data, enter UBCD4Win.  UBCD4Win is a bootable CD that you build using the download from the website along with your Windows XP CD and what it creates is a CD full of utilities that allows you to gain access to the information on your hard disk without having any special tools.


Using this CD you are able to insert a USB memory stick and then boot from the CD.  Provided that the disk isn’t completely screwed up then you can access the data using Windows Explorer on the CD and copy the files off to the memory stick and allow you to get working before the meeting starts.  Then just send the laptop to the IT department or log a fault call with your support company.

So take a look at UBCD4Win as it does a lot more than just boot Windows.

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