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Spam prevention

Recently we had some problems with our DNS provider for the business which caused us to look at moving the domain over to another more reliable provider.  In the end we decided to settle with hosting the DNS with pipex … Continue reading

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Light relief

As anyone in IT will tell you most of your time is spent in front of a computer and if you work in support then a whole heap of that is spent watching progress bars descend into the abyss of … Continue reading

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Linksys woes

Over the weekend I was onsite finishing off and installation for a client of a VoIP PBX system that we had provided.  What they had got was one of IP PBX’s with 4 Linksys SPA941 IP Phones connect to 2 … Continue reading

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No backups = Disaster!

How many business do you either deal with directly or know that do backups? A large percentage I would say however how many individuals (home users) actually do backups?  Not so many.  If you ask a home user about backups … Continue reading

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When the goings good…..

At the moment business is going from strength to strength which given the current economic climate is quite amazing because if the media are to be believed then we are on the brink of global recession.  Now while I run … Continue reading

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Nothing like politically correct!!

I was round to see my dad recently and he showed me a video he’d found on youtube and it had me rolling. The video is of Jeff Dunham with "Achmed the dead terrorist", below is the video for your … Continue reading

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But I know how to use office….

I’ve been working in computers now for about 15 years and seen many versions of software come and go.  My time in IT started with DOS 6 and Windows 3.1/Windows NT3.51, from there it build through the various Windows versions … Continue reading

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Gimme just a little more time

I had a call from a client (whose also a friend of mine) the other which at the time made me laugh, the kinds of laugh that makes you fall of the seat.  It goes a little like this: Client: … Continue reading

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Damn it’s dead!!

As an IT guy I have heard this so many times that if I had a pound for each time I’m sure I could have retired by now.  For anyone that has had this happen it is the most sickening … Continue reading

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