Windows 2008…..the stealth product

As many of you will be aware by now Windows Server 2008 was recently released to manufacture and it has to be one of the stealthiest product launches from Microsoft. There was no fanfare, no by publicity stunts they just released it which seems very strange considering what a major change it is set to be for the Microsoft Server Family. Under the current Windows 2003 family we have the 2 core products which is Small Business Server 2003 and the standard set of Windows 2003 Servers (Web Edition, Standard, Enterprise and Data Centre). This always seemed to lack support for the medium business i.e. over the 75 users limit of SBS but not really big enough to warrent the full blown product suite. So for a business of 100 Essential Business Serverusers which is not really a large business they only had real product set to work with however this has changed in the new Windows Server 2008 product family. It still retains SBS which has the traditional 75 user limit, however the next step is now Essential Business Server which is suitable for businesses from 25 to 250 users which is a huge leap forward for businesses. I will post more about the 2008 Server family soon but for now heres a little more information on Essential Business Server from the official EBS Team blog

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