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There has been much stir about the upcoming service pack for Windows Vista. Microsoft have made it a priority to work hard on improving the stability of the operating system rather than on performance. While this may seem a little blinkered at first there is a lot of value in this method; when you bear in mind that most computers that will be running Windows Vista will be new computers so many will be of much higher spec than their counterparts running Windows XP so performance will be comparable. Also Vista has had a deal of well publicised problems with compatibility of applications and legacy hardware so it makes sense for Microsoft to focus on improving the core system at this point in time a reserve performance tweaks for the future.

Vista Install ScreenOne of the key thing, from Microsoft’s perspective, that is addressed in Service Pack 1 is the activation hacks that have been found. The latest one which was publicised here exploits the actual activation process my emulating the Bios of certain manufacturers that have special versions of Vista that do not require activation. That said there are performance issues which have been addressed such as the time it takes to copy files from folder-to-folder on the said drive is said to be 25 percent faster and 45 percent faster when copying files from a remote computer not running Vista.

Personally I had stayed away from Vista as the experience I’d had previously had not been good however as Windows XP will no longer be available after this summer (although this could change as it has previously) I felt it was time to take the plunge and just get stuck in. Now having run it for almost 3 weeks and using it on a daily basis I have to say this it has been absolutely fine, I did install Service Pack 1 as soon as Vista was installed and it has been absolutely fine. I have not had one crash or problem to date that can be related to the Vista operating system. Now, I personally feel that this can be largely attributed to Service Pack 1 and while I only ran Vista for 1 day without Service Pack 1 being installed I did not a difference after installing it.

All in all it looks to be a good update to the system and having run it now for a couple of weeks I would recommend it to anyone, it is scheduled for release later this month with it initially being made available to enterprise customers but being made available to the main stream shortly after. For more information visit:

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