Old friends reunited…….

The creators of the BBC computer which many of you out there from the same generation as myself would have been taught in school.  At the time the “beeb”, as it became known, became the a pioneer in the shaping of many aspects of the modern computer systems that we run today.  The original machine was launched in 1981 for £375.00 and was powered by an 8bit processor, 6502 CPU running at 2Mhz, 640×256 screen resolution and eventunally sold 1.5 million units which BBC Microby far exceeded the expected 12,000 units forecast.  This was amazing really at a time when computers were really considered to be the route of all evil and many of the folks around were still carrying wooden clubs and crying “ugh”.

The computer conservation society has organised the reunion of the original creators Hermann Hauser, Steve Furber, John Radcliffe and David Allen; Hauser and Furber worked at Acorn while Radcliffe and Allen came from the BBC.  The project was born from the National Computer Literacy Program which was initiated by the BBC to find a computer which would help to educate both children and parents.

I will personnally have fond memories of the beeb,  as it brings back those years at school and obviously I’m not alone as there are many websites out there dedicated the beeb as well as a host of emulator so I say a big salute to the beeb the pioneer of its day.

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