More details on Vista SP1

The latest word on Vista’s SP1 official release to the public looks set to be the 18th March 2008 and will be rolled out as part of the Windows Update program installed on Vista machines.  Microsoft however seem to still be reluctant to commit to a date simply stating that users will receive the update "mid-March" by either selecting the optional update or downloading it from the Microsoft website.  It would appear that the delay has been caused by some issues with hardware drivers which has been an ongoing issue for Vista throughout it’s life so it seems ironic that it is still thwarted by the same problems.  From the 19th March 2008 new buyers will be able to buy copies of Vista which will come pre-installed with Service Pack 1 which it seems may experience a price reduction but time will tell on that one.  So keep the peeled the update is coming and what I have heard and experienced so far has been positive.

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