Givers gain…

MeetingIn any business it is hard to get business in especially when you are a new business. There is an overwhelming choice of mediums to consider; you have, Yellow Pages, local papers, local chamber of commerce, cold calling, mailshots, the list goes on. What I can tell you from experience, as will many other business owners, is that the business that you will get above all else is by “word of mouth”. JPT Solutions has always gained business by word of mouth referral and it continues to however the problem with this is that it is the slowest medium to use as it is minimal exposure and opportunistic at best. What I mean by this is that if you do a really good job for a client then if someone is talking to them and say that they need a good “IT company” or a good “accountant” or whatever you business is then they will most likely pass on your details. However, then problem is had that person not have asked the question then your details would not have been passed and those occasions only come few and far between.

So what can you do to push this forward faster? The best thing to do is to build partnerships with people and establish relationships with people who can help your business, this is exactly what I did. Many successful business people talk about “networking” and myself like many other people was not really the type as I find it hard to walk into a room full of strangers and put myself out there. That said it is a truly great way to get your name out there and make people realise that you are here waiting to work for them. This is why when I was invited along to a networking meeting by someone I know I jumped at the chance as it got me past the first hurdle of not knowing anyone there. Once I got there I was made to feel very welcome and the atmosphere was positively bubbling which was amazing considering that we had to be there at 6:45am!!! The result was that after second visit I was sold and I signed up to a regular Wednesday morning meeting at 6:45am which meant that I occupied the IT Support chair in the chapter. Now 3 months on I have found that the group has provided me with support as well as business for my company as each of those people are out there looking for business for me and whenever someone asks for IT support my details are passed. Likewise, if anyone asks me an Estate Agent, Financial Advisor, IT Trainer etc I have contacts that I trust completely to fulfil my clients needs with total professionalism.

Now after being a member for 3 months I have been made a part of the leadership team and one of our ongoing challenges is to grow the chapter which in doing so will bring more business to it’s member. With that in mind if anyone is interested in coming along for a meeting please contact me, we meet in Nottingham each Wednesday morning and everyone is welcome. If you are not from around Nottingham then contact me anyway and I will put you in contact with your local group.

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