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The school of human science

One of the thins that I am looking at now is stuff regarding personal development and the reason for this is that however good you are or however good you THINK you are; the bottom line is you can do … Continue reading

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The enemy within…..

Following on from the recent security theme I would like to carry this on a little further and discuss an aspect of security in business that may not always be so obvious to everyone.  Most individuals will be aware of … Continue reading

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Better safe than sorry (part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about encrypting data on your notebook computer when you are carrying data around. Within that posting I mentioned TrueCrypt as a program which can be used for this task so for those of you that are interested … Continue reading

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Better safe than sorry

Over here in the UK there has been a lot in the paper recently about the data losses by some of the key government agencies such as HMRC as well as businesses such as Skipton Building Society much of which … Continue reading

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Old friends reunited…….

The creators of the BBC computer which many of you out there from the same generation as myself would have been taught in school.  At the time the “beeb”, as it became known, became the a pioneer in the shaping … Continue reading

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More details on Vista SP1

The latest word on Vista’s SP1 official release to the public looks set to be the 18th March 2008 and will be rolled out as part of the Windows Update program installed on Vista machines.  Microsoft however seem to still … Continue reading

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Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 Issues

For sometime I have found that on certain SBS server there have been some network performance issues which do not specifically seem to originate from anywhere specific. When you look at the spec’s of the server there are not bottlenecks … Continue reading

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Spam fritter anyone?

Many of you will already know that Spam is on the increase, it seems as each day goes by it just gets to be a greater number that is passing through each day. We recently started to promote ExchangeDefender, which … Continue reading

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Windows 2008…..the stealth product

As many of you will be aware by now Windows Server 2008 was recently released to manufacture and it has to be one of the stealthiest product launches from Microsoft. There was no fanfare, no by publicity stunts they just … Continue reading

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Givers gain…

In any business it is hard to get business in especially when you are a new business. There is an overwhelming choice of mediums to consider; you have, Yellow Pages, local papers, local chamber of commerce, cold calling, mailshots, … Continue reading

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