Dark vs Light

Best to get this out the way before I start; every now and then I feel compelled to write something that is bugging me in one way or another. Sometimes, its about society while others its something deep; this one’s a little deep I’m afraid so feel free to move along if you wish….completely understand ūüôā

Having had a prolonged period of downtime from work during Christmas (still been dealing with things as they have come in but I’ve been working from home), my mind started to wander as it does when it has some freedom. Anyway, something came on TV about “darkness” so off the mind wandered….here’s some of the thoughts that happened. Continue reading

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Epson printer issues after windows update

We had a client yesterday who still uses dot matrix printers for delivery notes, invoices etc. Anyway, they were not able to print to any of the Epson LQ590 printers. The job would be sent to the printer but it wouldn’t do anything at all, not even the famous “head shift”. This oddly coincided with a power failure the previous night which ended up with them switching to generator. As they are not a large business, the usual filters for switching to generator didn’t exist so it seemed that the issue could have been caused by a spike when the generator was switched on. Continue reading

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The beauty of doing nothing


When I think back to being a kid it was really easy to sit around and do nothing; not a care in the world, in fact I’d never even heard the word “stress”. I can remember days, back when I was at college, when I would spend a free afternoon down at the local country park just chilling out, staring off across the lake. Then back to when I was a young kid and I would lie out on the grass with friend just starting off at clouds taking the shit that kids do.

Now, it seems, that I am completely incapable of doing this. When I sit down to do nothing my mind will race with a thousand thoughts of things that I haven’t done or things I should be doing rather than sitting around. I often wonder what brought me to this stage, a stage where I can’t even just relax and watch the clouds float by without thinking of all the things I should be doing. Continue reading

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Same thing cheaper….

Same thing cheaper!

If you’re in business then you will have had¬†this conversation with a client at some point during your time. That said, you may well of had this conversation with a supplier at some point but when is the same thing not the same thing?

If you are in business then when it comes to pricing your services/products then the only reasons that someone else would be providing the same thing cheaper are: Continue reading

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The emotion bank

It’s¬†just over a year since I opened up to the world (well those that are interested) that I¬†suffer from depression. Opening up to the greater audience was daunting but¬†something that I needed to do. The worry was that mental illness has a great deal of “taboo” about it and, while people were starting to open up about it there was a great deal still unspoken.

It got me thinking that humans are extremely emotional creatures with our daily lives being driven by a plethora of emotions; love, anger, boredom, drained, euphoric, happy, sad etc. That being said, the amount of “emotional energy” we have is not so abundant.

Continue reading

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Low hanging fruit

Customer Loyalty

I was listening to the radio this morning when I heard an advert come over the radio, the type that you hear all the time. The type that¬†we are bombarded with every day through the press, radio, TV, Internet, social media and many others. It even has even become¬†a cliche catchphrase that most people have a chuckle over…….”brand new customers only”. Continue reading

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Some days….

“Some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue”

This week has been a challenge, there are more defined (blunt) ways of putting it but that wouldn’t be in keeping with a positive attitude; it has been a challenge.

There’s a lot of things happening personally at the minute and a lot happening in the business that is taking a lot of headspace to process, probably much more than it should be allowed. For those people considered to be “normal” this takes it’s tole as you neglect to deal with those day to day things but the short term nature of it means that you can move things around in your head to allow the time to process it all….short term pain long term gain, as they say. But what happens when you don’t have the headspace to spare in the first place? Continue reading

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Importance of being a little crazy

This month will see me pass a “life landmark” as I hit 40.¬†The old saying goes that it “all downhill from 40” so it got me thinking about these things. In the last “almost” 40 years my life has changed in so many ways and as a person I have evolved through various stages, which most people do, a few of which are listed below:

  • Child
  • Teenager
  • Young adult
  • Parent
  • Employee
  • Self employed
  • Business Owner
  • Employer
  • Friend
  • Partner/Husband

While only a bullet point list, don’t think there is really any explanation need for these, you can easily see that throughout our lives we are constantly changing our identity, values, core values, ideals, goals and many other key aspects which define us. After all, what was important to me at 20 (drinking and having a good time) and not so key at 39; not because I’m boring just that my responsibilities have changed.

Having read the book Relax Focus Succeed by Karl Palachuk, this is not uncommon as we all go through these stages. What Karl teaches though is that so many people end up conflicted because we have to act out different roles at different times of the day dependent on where we are, what we are doing and who we are with. When you think about it that way it really is amazing that we are sane at all!!

This was a major thing that I took away from Karl’s book and almost certainly the most difficult to achieve is to align those roles that we may so that we no longer have to change our “hats” dependent on what we’re doing. So hows that working??? Lets say it continues to be a “work in progress” but suffice as to say I will keep trying.

So as the sun sets on my thirties the best advice I can give to anyone would be to find alignment in the roles you play so that you don’t have to change who you are to suit the situation you are in……just be you!

Now I look forward to¬†enjoying some “downhill” cruising for a while now as I come on to my fourties!

Peace out! x

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Guide to stratospheric success


Confession time; the title of this post was a bit of a white lie…….sorry. But please bear with me……

First thing to get out of the way is that this post is also not about the Go-Giver¬†which is an amazing book by Bob Burg and John David Mann, if you haven’t already read it then do!

This post was inspired by an email I received last week from Richard Tubb¬†which asked the question of “What does it take to be a successful IT business owner”.¬†Something we hear all the time is how people want to become successful, the car, the house etc. So folks go off and they go and get a new job or start a business of their own so that they can become “successful”. But I can honestly say that most haven’t got a clue what it looks like to be successful! Continue reading

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Living for the weekend


One of the things that we like to do at work with our clients is to have periodic business reviews. For some clients this is quarterly while for others it is done every 6 months. The idea behind this is to discuss how their business is progressing and what future plans are on the horizon. By taking this time we are able to ensure that the business needs are met by the technology infrastructure that we provide and maintain. The other reason for this is to simply “shoot the breeze” with the client; this is where we talk about almost anything that the flow takes. Continue reading

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